Monday, January 30, 2012

Nokia Amazing Hobbies

It's been a while since I've played my sport as there is no team in my current city mainly due to the fact that we don't have a heated pool here. Imagine playing in 15 degree Celsius water. YIKES.

Anyway, underwater hockey (UWH) is a fast paced non-contact sport (usually) where two teams of six a side try to push a 3 lb lead puck into each others goals. Just like ice hockey, we use sticks (although drastically shorter), a hockey puck (that is tons heavier) and team play is key to scoring goals and winning. Heavy armor padding is reduced to a diving mask, a snorkel, a silicone padded glove and skimpy swimsuit while ice skates are traded for fins. The most critical difference though is instead of playing ON frozen water, we play UNDER liquid water. :)

The funny thing is, you do not need know how to swim to play! Crazy right? Since game play happens underwater, "swimming" is just what you do when taking a breathe and moving on the surface of the water. Being humans, we need to breath to function, so game play consists of well timed diving, breathe holding and resurfacing all while trying to push the puck to the other end and playing the opposing team. Confused yet? Here's a two minute video clip that gives a quick overview of the sport. (credit to

Here's an EXTREME version of UWH, played in a 4.5 meter deep pool! Talk about lung busting! (credit to

And here's a short clip of me during a training session.

Hopefully I've piqued your interest in the sport of UWH. If not, at least introduced you to a unique sport and push you to try other non conventional sports too! :D

But before you go, here's silly photo of me in gear (out of water)! lol :)