Sunday, February 19, 2012

The day I got lost with Nokia Maps

We were going around in circles, trying to find the restaurant I told her about. Thirty minutes had passed and frustration was starting to set in. She had exams the next day but obliged to let her friend of 13 years take her out for a post birthday treat. I noticed her constantly checking her watch, probably to make sure she has enough time for one last review session. To ease some of the tension I proceeded to give her gifts.

I handed her one piece at a time to open (conveniently, there was a can opener in the car at that time). First can had three FRESH roses. Second can was full of chocolates. And the last can was filled with a puzzle as she was fond with them. I could not forget her smile that evening. My grin was most likely from ear to ear to. At this point (we haven't found the restaurant), I started to talk about how we've been friends for such a long time, how close we were, my true feelings for her and how I wanted to make our relationship go deeper. She fell silent. After what felt like the longest 2 minutes of my life, she told me how she felt and that she was open to taking our relationship further.

The sigh of relief that escaped my mouth was so audible it caused her to laugh. After a few left turns and a right, we reached the restaurant. We had a nice Persian food dinner and generally caught up with each other's lives.

The thing is, I purposely got lost. The night before, I studied the area of the restaurant on Nokia Maps so I could go around in circles and pretend to be lost. I wanted to see how she'd react to the whole situation. What we got was raw, unscripted reactions that made the night certainly more memorable and I'm sure neither of us will forget